Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

It’s the age-old question that we’ve been arguing over for years.

Well if you don’t know, you’re in luck. The team at Eazy Egg have the answer for you right now, keep reading as we unscramble this riddle for you.

Historically speaking, it’s a simple one… it’s the egg! The oldest examples of eggs fossils date back around 190 million years and the oldest commonly accepted bird fossils (Archaeopteryx) only go back a measly 150 million years.

That’s not what you came here for though? We don’t only want to know if an egg came first, we want to know if a chicken egg came first.

It’s now accepted that the first chicken would have come to being from the genetic mutation of two almost-chickens (or proto-chickens as they’re known). At some point their mating would have combined DNA to replicate and grow to produce an egg what would have hatched what we now know as today’s domesticated chicken.

If you accept that the egg that this first chicken came from… came first, then the answer is made for you… It’s the egg!

If you think that the ‘chicken egg’ can only be laid by that first chicken, then it looks like you’re team chicken.

If you’re wondering, we’re 100% team egg. Surprise, surprise!

There’s a huge body of evidence out there that eggs came first in general and we agree with the argument that this first mutated chicken of today came from an egg of two proto-chickens. So that egg definitely came first too.

We’re not alone either, if you want to know more… check out the fantastic articles below for more information on which birds created the chicken and when the first eggshell was created.

Come back soon for more eggcellent chicken mysteries… or maybe we’ll finally get to the bottom of the other big questions you’re asking… Anyone curious about a tree falling in a wood with no-one there to hear it?


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