Why Eazy Egg?

Maybe you can bench a small elephant or maybe you just want to be healthier, faster, fitter. Whatever the reason, you're here because you're pushing to be better. You show up every day and know what goes into your body will help you with that.

You want to be the best, but to do that you have to have the best and you can't get better than our Eazy Egg free range liquid egg whites.

Don't get scrambled, just pour and go

Egg whites are a complete natural protein source, but separating them is not fun. Trying to avoid lose bits of shell or breaking the yolk. You can end up in a right mess with a lot of waste.

Each Eazy Egg 1 litre bottle contains 32 egg whites and can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months (unopened) or in the freezer.

Pure Protein

Eazy Egg free range liquid egg whites contain an impressive 20g of pure protein per 200ml serving, with only 2g of carbs and 1g of fat.

Eggsellent quality

We only use the best, natural ingredients. Everything is UK sourced, including our British Lion eggs. Not only does that make us unique, there are fewer miles from farm to fork. Reducing your impact on the planet. 

Organic additives

As hens age, the pH levels in the eggs they produce can be affected. Instead of destroying animals unnecessarily, we use an organic compound called Maltic Acid. It is made by organic organisms and we use it to balance our pH levels for consistent product delivery. 

Natural preservatives

Nisin is naturally derived from fermenting Lactobacillus, often found in cheese. We use it in Eazy Egg because it enables a longer shelf life by attacking pathogens in our egg whites. We prefer it because it is grown, rather than being synthetically produced.