Hen Welfare

Animal Welfare: Who gives a cluck?

We give a cluck about our hens. Without them we would be out of business, so while they are doing their thing each day and laying our wonderful eggs, we want them to be happy. So we will only ever use Free Range Eggs in our product. That’s right, our hens are never stuck indoors in a barn and certainly not in a cage.

Why free range?

  • Space: One hectare of outdoor range for every 2500 hens (equivalent to 4m2 per hen; at least 2.5m2 per hen must be available at any one time if rotation of the outdoor range is practiced)
  • Freedom to roam outside: Continuous access during the day to this open-air range, which must be “mainly covered with vegetation”.

Typically caged hens have very little space to move, barn hens have a little more, and free range hens have all the space they need to freely roam outside.

Caged:             27.5 x 27.5cm

Barn:                100 x 100cm

Free range:      200 x 200cm

To put the space per hen in some context, here is a to-scale diagram:

Our hens have plenty of space to roam

Benefits of Free Range:

  • Hens have freedom to access the range area and thus can express natural behaviours such as walking, running, roosting, dust-bathing and foraging for seeds and insects.
  • Opportunity to graze on vegetation and to augment and vary diet
  • Allows the hen’s access to daylight and fresh air.
  • Improved bone strength due to increased activity
  • Improved quality of egg from eating more natural and varied food sources.

So like us, we would love you to also give a cluck about the welfare of hens by choosing Free Range.